How much is your service?

We quote jobs on an individual basis. We believe that in order to give the most accurate quote, we need to know what we are hauling. We have made this process very simple by creating an easy to use ‘Get A Quote’ feature on our website. As a starting point, our minimum fee is $85.

Do you offer dumpster rental?

We offer 15 yard dump trailer rentals. The advantage of dump trailers is 3 fold: 1) Dump trailers have standard rubber tires that will not damage a driveway. 2) Dump trailers do not invite unwanted dumping from neighbors because they appear to be private property more than a dumpster. 3) We can pick up the dump trailer whenever is convenient for you instead of waiting on route availability from a large company! For pricing and more information click HERE.

How does the process work?

We start with an initial conversation about your needs via phone call, text messaging, or over social media. Next we ask for photos of what needs to be removed along with your contact information. Some jobs require a free in person quote, however most jobs can be quoted based on photos. Once we have all the relevant information, we will send an estimate via email. Once approved we set a time that works with your schedule to come take care of your project. You can expect to have your time slot confirmed the day before and receive communication from the team when they are on their way. Once we are on your property, we work hard to ensure that all items are removed in a timely and safe manner without you ever having to lift a finger! Before you know it, your junk is defeated!

Who are you sending into my home?

Prior to being hired, each of our team members undergoes a criminal background check, drug test, and an intensive interview. Each new team member is paired with one or two experienced team members for at least three weeks of on the job training. We will never send anyone into your house that we would not want in our own houses.

What happens to the items you take?

While it is true that the majority of the items we remove end up in the landfill, we work hard to keep as much out as possible. We make sure that every load is sorted into items that can be repurposed, recycled, or donated before the load is taken to the landfill. We work hard to keep as much as we can out of the landfill to help preserve the planet for the future.

What can you NOT take?

We have disposal solutions for almost any household item! The only things we can not take are items that are flammable such as gasoline, kerosine, diesel fuel, etc… However, we ARE able to remove propane tanks and dispose of them safely.

Which items incur extra fees?

While the vast majority of items require no additional fee, some items do carry an extra disposal fee. Wet paint, mattresses, tires, and propane tanks are the most common items that require an additional fee. Those fees are often minimal and can be discussed when we quote your job.